Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony


A little explanation if you've never been around campus when Prosh Week occurs, or if you've just been too wrapped in study.

This is a week-long series of events, centered on having fun, making new friends and actually quite a bit of arts and crafts. I know, I only realised that just then too. We all compete within teams of varying sizes in small and larger events, with the objective of winning and doing well, but in the end those victories come secondary to the experiences and friends you make.

In this week, there are a cavalcade of things to participate or compete in - we have a 24 hour scavenger hunt, a number of races and events that will see you crisscross the city, large scale constructions and small scale bonding. In that, you can do as many as you wish, stressing on what you wish to do. Try everything if that's your jam, but nobody wants you to do anything you're uncomfortable with.

Finally, it has been going on for much longer than most of us remember or care to remember, and it is bigger than you and yes, me. This week gives as much back as you put in, so give it all you can!


Prosh Week runs in Week 8 of Semester 2 at Melbourne University. (that’s 16th-20th of September for all you lazy shits who stop going after week 3. You know who you are.)

The week is a rite of passage (proshession) for those going through Uni life. Be open to meet new people, and then do dumb shit with them.

Six Rivets were harmed in the making of this photo

Six Rivets were harmed in the making of this photo

Huskies 2018

Huskies 2018


Prosh Week is nothing without the Teams. They bring participants together to earn points under a single banner. Usually they will be lead by Captains, who strive to organize their team to ensure that everyone has the most fun possible. If you want to join a team, a Captain is the best person to express your interest to. Teams will be published on this website starting from the beginning of Semester 2.

Teams may be comprised of as little as two members (even just one if you really want to), with a maximum at the discretion of the Judges. All teams must register to be eligible / participate. Lack of registration will result in lack of team theme, ennui, sadness.

There will be events in the lead up to the week. Please keep an eye on the website / social media / newsletters for dates and locations.

Members who engage in / encourage the discrimination or mistreatment of others will be disqualified immediately. Don't be that guy that ruins everything for everyone. We'll never forget you.

Nothing aside from a registration payment is required to join, but teams are encouraged to have skills in video editing, Photoshop, crafts, some sense of rhythm, a sense of humour, general common sense, actual common sense. That being said, you can also compete with none of these things, and have the lack of be your asset. Surprises abound.