A week full of silliness and shenanigans. Gags. What muck-up day used to be before the Year 12s in 2008 got really drunk and humiliated the principal and the school forced it into a wholesome valedictory day (but also less focus on petty vandalism). Uni games but just games at uni. Commonly referred to as the Olympics*. The dirty little secret of many notable Unimelb alumni.

How do I find a team?

Click through to teams to find out which one best suits you and how to get in contact! Alternatively, if you're still stuck please message us on Facebook and we'll help sort one out for you.

Who does Prosh?


What will I have to do?

You don’t have to do anything, but be prepared for anything! Prosh lets you be creative, athletic, adventurous, tipsy, hilarious, nude, sleepy, slippery, delirious, silly, inventive and so much more. We love it when you break out of your comfort zone, and encourage you to do so, but nothing is compulsory and nobody has to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

What are some of the events?

Prosh Week is filled up with heaps of mini events as well as some pretty damn huge ones! A comprehensive timetable of events will be released with the Pre-List in semester 2 . Here are a couple just to get you excited… a road trip that’s a very Long Drive, Construction of monuments on campus, Trivia Night, Mystery Event 2, Billy Cart Races, and an epic 24 hour Scavenger Hunt (This is the Big One).

Who are the Judges and how do I impress them?

The Judges run this show. They are chosen from the winning teams of the previous year’s Prosh, so they have lots of experience and know and love this week like their first born child. Or their last born child. Not the middle child. They want you to have just as much fun as they have had during their many many many many many many Prosh Weeks. Impress them by having fun, and respecting the Prosh rules as well as the laws of whatever state/territory you may end up in.

Do what the judges say, be bold, be fun, be creative.


*if the Olympics were organised by six drunk idiots