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This is a list of all teams who have registered for Prosh this year.

Confused? Of course you are. If it's your first prosh, it's usually a good idea to pick a team based on the degree you're studying. That, or maybe a university club you enjoy. If you're still struggling, you can contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Here are a bunch of teams that you can join. You can read up on them to see which ones you like.



Big Team
Alex + James

Huskies is a non-affiliated team, welcoming proshers from all different degrees, clubs, and societies. Apart from being just about the jolliest kids on the block, we know the best part of Prosh is having a go and having fun! We're just about having a good time and (hopefully) earning some points along the way. Max participation = max fun times! 

You can join this team on Facebook, and follow them on Snapchat:  huskiesareprosh


Artie's Angels

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.29.42 pm.png

Big Team
Hannah + Jordan

If IKEA and Liv Tyler had a love child it would be nothing like this. 
Artie’s Angels - for Arts students and non-Arts students alike. 
A big team with a heart, a soul, and all the other important organs including kidneys.

You can join this team on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram and Snapchat: artiesangelss


Eng Donkeys


Big Team
Liam + Julietta

fkn beers and darts

You can join this team on Facebook 


Schaffy's Jaffys


Small Team

Schaffy + David

Schaffy's Jaffys is not only a team for Jaffys, it's for anyone who's every been a Jaffy. How nice and pretty good.

But more importantly, this team is for those who need a more wholesome, but still hardcore, Prosh team. You see, we're just trying to say that Jaffys are our friends and we want to support them through their tough time of being a Jaffy.

We also love to meme anyone and everyone, like the short-ass Schaffner kid. Fuck him

To join, contact Schaffy on Facebook


Sweet Sixteen at Bandcamp


Big Team
Nick + Anastasia

Have you ever wondered what happened that one time on bandcamp? Then come along and find out. You don’t actually have to be musically inclined to join in on this bandwagon. We’re all about just having good times that’ll make you stay and want more.

If you would like to join this team, email You can follow them on Snapchat: bandcampprosh




Big Team
Brandon + Jett

Our team is about getting the best experience out of Prosh, making lasting friendships and having as much fun as possible.

You can join this team on Facebook, and follow them on Snapchat: psience2018


Uncultured Swines


Small Team
Stephen + Tahlia

We are the team originating from Swinburne who are made up of a cadre of mad lads out to have a bloody good one 👌🍻🤙

You can join this team on Facebook


Trolley Problem

Trolley Problem.png

Small Team

Elliot + Edward

We're a problem

To join, contact

Here are some other teams you can follow on social media but aren't currently recruiting new members. 



Pussy Petrol


Small Team
Olivia + Cal

Prosh used to be #tight, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the Pussy Petrol, master of all four nations...Whet, Dick, Fire, and Queef... could stop them. But when the world needed it most, it vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Pussy Petrol, with the goal to prove that deep (deep) down, everyone is a pussy.

You can email this team at:


Cult Fiction


Small Team

Marlowe + Jarus

A mismatched bunch who bonded over their mutual love of weak cordial, group sex and terrorising young people


Cal's Pals

Cals Pals logo.jpg

Small Team

Olivia + Taliesin

We are whatever you want us to be ;)


Never Gonna Graduate


Small Team

Blake + Tree + the never ending degrees

Tree enjoys long walks down Professor’s Walk, a vodka raspberry and getting caught in the nude. Blake enjoys men. Tree is still ambivalent.

You can appreciate this team on their website

Conservative Christian Moms Against Yeeting


Small Team
Tallulah + Isaac

We are a family-oriented team with traditional values aiming to protect or families and community from the dangers of "yeeting"
Ezekiel 24:17
"Stimulate your proshtate, groan silently; make no mourning for the dead Bind on your turban and put your shoes on your feet, and do not cover your mustache and do not eat the bread of men."

You can follow this team on Facebook


Honi Soit


Small Team

Mary + Edward

Winning prosh


Vincent Van Hoe

Van Hoe.jpg

Small Team

Tilly + Lily

Environmental sustainability, the arts and fisting


The Fray 13 - How To Save A Life


Small Team
Khaya + Alice

I am romantic decent girl without any bad habits, lead healthy way of life, dont smoke and dont drink, family-oriented. My inspirations are sea, mountains, beautiful nature, positive emotions and people with sense of humour. My hobbies are reading, swimmimg, different kinds of sports. 

You can follow this team on Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat: Bay13SwagSquad


Rivét Gøurmet


Small Team
Chris + Hanna

Rivét for the classy beer, Gøurmet for a Norwegian touch. We all love a Norwegian touch

You can follow this team on Facebook.


Jim's Prosh Team

Jim's Prosh Team.png

Small Team

Conor + Nish

The usual, lots of drinking and such